What Is The Median House Price In Lewisville Texas?

What Is The Median House Price In Lewisville Texas?

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Lewisville Texas is a great suburb of Dallas Fort Worth. It has an active community, with lots of activities and things to do. To the benefit of the community, you will never not have something to do in the area not to mention the commute to Dallas is much better than you might find elsewhere!

But, when it comes to deciding if you want to live here cost is a factor and before you go looking at the average home price look at the median. If you’re unsure on what to do at all contact me Angelo Carducci, and I will give you the clear answers that you need! But let’s start to look at what the average person would be looking to spend on a home in our area.

But Why Not Look At The Average?

The average home price isn’t a good way to measure much of everything. Outside of a really simple data set a large outlier can affect the average by either lowering or raising the cost dramatically. For example, let’s say that 5 homes were sold in Lewisville yesterday.

The cost of the homes will be broken down into the following.

House 1: 250,000 House 2: 300,000 House 3: 285,000 House 4: 310,000 House 5: 550,000

The average of this list is 339,000 which is more than almost all the houses sold for (excluding house number 5). The median number, in this case, would be 300,000. This goes to show that numbers can be manipulated easily and while this sample set is small the median is almost always the fairest way of measuring housing price.

Now, What’s The Median House Price In Lewisville Texas?

So to jump into it, the actual median housing price is somewhere in the range of $270,000 to $300,000. The reason for the disparity is that many homes end up listing closer to 300,000 but end up being negotiated down to somewhere in that range. Of course, there are going to be more expensive homes and there will be even far less expensive options but this is around what you’re looking to spend to live in Lewisville.

For those who like to know the cost per square foot the median listing price per square foot is around $148.

As a buyer, you will have room to negotiate for your house as while prices are rising they aren’t trending too high and are remaining relatively stable!

Closing Thoughts

Lewisville, Texas is filled with things to do, people to meet and places to see. The cost of a home in our area can vary depending on your families specific needs, therefore it’s always best to contact a real estate agent like myself to get the best information possible for your needs!

Angelo Carducci
Angelo Carducci
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