Ways to Remodel Your Home For Accessibility as You Age

Ways to Remodel Your Home For Accessibility as You Age

Once you’ve turned a house into your home, the connection to the space increases dramatically. The building tends to become a haven from the injustices and worries of the outside world. It’s normal to fall in love with the space and not want to leave, especially if you’ve raised a family in it. That’s one of the reasons it can be so hard to face the prospect of moving as a senior. While it might be true that assisted living offers advantages that staying at home does not, the opposite is equally true. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can stay healthy and happy as you age in the home you love. 

Revamp the Entryways 

Entering your home safely is important. It’s not always easy, however, especially when you consider inclement weather that results in snow or mud-caked shoes, small objects to trip over by the door, or flooring that is needlessly slick. Take some time to look at the entryways in your home and optimize them for easy and safe movement. If you have shoes or toys scattered near the door, now is a good time to relocate them to a better spot in the home. Consider buying a cabinet to place near the door to store your shoes, and relocating toys to playrooms. If the flooring is slick, add a solid no-slip rug and a hand railing of some kind just inside the door to help. 

Sleep Safely

Quality sleep is important to your health and happiness, but it’s not always the easiest goal to achieve. Getting in and out of bed can be a challenge, for example, as can moving around a dark room should you wake up in the middle of the night. One of the first things you can do is invest in a smart lighting system. From mounting gentle lights underneath the furniture to warn of its placement, to including motion-sensor nightlights in the room, lighting can help make a bedroom safer. Finding the right mattress to suit your needs is another good option for at-home safety, whether you’re worried about sliding off the edge or finding one that can be placed at the right height for easy entry and exit. It’s important to have a bedroom conducive to sleeping – safely and soundly in the comfort of your own home. 

Nix the Stairs

Stairs can be a massive health hazard. If you or a loved one has trouble climbing stairs, there are some alternatives to keep in mind. Installing a stairlift or a home elevator, for example, can help transport you safely from floor to floor inside the home. For outdoor stairs, consider investing a “no step” entry. These are usually created using a ramp that gradually increases height until it is level with the door to the home and allows you to walk in without the need for scaling stairs of any kind.

If you’re hoping to stay in your home as you age or are hoping to help a loved one do so, it’s not an impossible task. Make sure that you invest in some modifications to make the home safer, like those described above, and get ready to age gracefully.



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