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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your company different from other real estate companies?

I understand that a company does not sell your home: I do. I have the experience and ability to consult, negotiate and oversee the transactional details, and that makes all the difference.

What separates you from other agents?

I call my marketing plan S-U-C-C-E-S-S.

a. “S”- seek to understand, “U”-utilize local knowledge , “C”-contract and negotiate, “C”-coordinate the transaction details, “E”- establish a celebration date, “S”-setup your moving date, “S” – Stay in touch for life.

b. I have a six-step process that I invest my money in before we list your home. My Hassle Free Service prepares your home for a fast sale and an easy closing, even before it’s listed.

What types of specific marketing systems and approaches will you use to sell my home?

I have developed a six-step process.

a. We put your home under warranty so that you’re protected from unexpected repairs until closing.

b. We provide a home inspection for you. With a current inspection report, you are working from strength. You will know exactly what needs to be repaired before your buyer comes along.

c. We hire a handyman to make any needed repairs. This makes your buyer more confident about your home, and you will save money on concessions with the buyer.

d. We hire a professional stager to showcase the best features of your home.

e. We hire a professional photographer. Most people see your home online before they see it in person, so we want your home to look its best.

f. We create a unique Website just for your home that answers all of the questions buyers might have. It includes links to school, neighborhood, and area amenities

What does it mean that you invest your money?

The reason I make this offer is that I am confident I can sell your home, so this program separates me from other agents. It demonstrates that I am willing to put up my capital to get your home showcase ready. With this program, there will be no surprises during the process of selling your home, and we will always work from strength

Is there anything else besides the six-step program?

After listing your home on MLS and Websites such as Trulia, and others, I go one step further. I market your home to international buyers though my association with Proxio, the international MLS and global real estate network. Texas and three other states account for more than half of all U.S. homes purchased by foreign buyers. Cash purchases make up nearly 60 percent of these transactions, which is certainly a great thing for sellers. By the way, I also post your home on YouTube and Facebook, I send out eflyers, and much more.

I am thinking about relisting?

I would ask these questions: Did the agent offer to invest in your home? What makes you think the agent deserves the listing again? Don’t you owe it to yourself to try a new approach?

How many days does it take you to sell the average home?

On average my listings are under contract within 17 days and (with the exception of short sales) are closed within 47 days.

Do I need to sign a 180 day contract?

No. All I ask for is 90 days. I believe that in 90 days or less from the date I put the house on the market it will be sold.

Can I cancel any time before 90 days?

Yes, but there will a termination fee. The fee will be what I invested to get your home showcase ready.

How are you paid?

I only get paid when I sell your home.

How will you keep me informed about the progress of my home sale?

Any time there is a request to see your home, both of us will be notified. You will need to approve the request before we schedule an appointment. After the visit, an email goes out to the other agent for feedback on the house. After I get feedback, I will notify you. I like to stay in touch with my seller every few days, either through a visit, a phone call, or whatever method you prefer.

What’s your business philosophy?

Selling a home can be very stressful. I have been in your shoes a few times in my life before becoming a real estate agent. I know the most important thing is that we trust each other. My company motto is: “We tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear.” I am here to serve you and make selling your home stress-free.

Now is the time for a new approach and new ideas!  Get ready to pack — your home is sold when you list it with me! 

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