Dallas Fort Worth Housing Market for May 2019

Dallas Fort Worth Housing Market for March 2019
March 29, 2019
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Dallas Fort Worth Housing Market for May 2019

The Dallas Fort Worth Housing market saw some positive growth in the month of April there were some negatives but that’s to be expected.

Mortgage Rates have managed to stay right in the middle they aren’t too high or low. The good news is the mortgage rates are very stable and look to be continuing on that trend.

The economy as a whole though is a bit skittish due to president trump’s increased tariffs on Chinese imports. This trade dispute with China has not directly impacted mortgage rates as of now but the recently imposed tariffs could hamper global economic growth.

Home owners in our area also have shown an interest in improving their front yards. These spaces are now being used as sort of a mingling area where people can socialize with neighbors or passersby.

Finally, due to the higher home prices and strong demand in large cities younger homebuyers are now currently driving into smaller cities or suburbs where prices are more affordable. For the home value, this is a good side but it might lead to an increase in the number of days on the market.

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