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You Don’t Make Money When You Sell Real Estate

You Make Money When You BUY It!

Someone once told me this statement was written backwards, because you only make money when you SELL real estate. “How on earth could you make money when you buy it?” he said. That statement is correct.  You receive your sales proceeds when you sell your home, but it’s how well you BOUGHT your home that determines HOW MUCH your proceeds will be.

Are you looking to buy a new home? Do you know the challenges most buyers face that keep them from finding their dream home? This quick video from Carducci Realty shares how we solve these challenges for our clients.

The decision to buy a home often involves a number of stresses and strains. For about 80% of buyers, it’s the largest financial transaction of their lives.  Mistakes in any part of the buying process can cost you thousands. I can give you several helpful, straightforward tips for finding a home that meets your needs, and becomes a wise financial investment for you.

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