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LEGAL COMPLIANCE: Texas law requires all real estate licensees to give the following Information About Brokerage Services (IABS) to prospective…

April 07,2018 Angelo Carducci

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in real estate, a picture could be worth a thousand…

November 10,2016 Angelo Carducci

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Pricing Under Pressure

Deciding on an asking price for your home is challenging enough these days, but you need specific pricing strategies for…

September 18,2016 Angelo Carducci

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Fixer-Upper, Money Pit or Bad Deal? It’s Your Call

Every home has shortcomings, even the adorable cottage you swooned over at first sight or the house with the majestic…

July 10,2016 Angelo Carducci

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What are some mistakes I should avoid when I invest in real estate?

Even smart investors make mistakes. Here are three common mistakes and what you should do instead: Not Doing Your Homework.…

May 29,2016 Angelo Carducci

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Police Tips for Protecting Your Home from Criminals

Homeowners should know that protecting their home from potential thieves and other criminals can be done with enough preparation and…

March 02,2016 Angelo Carducci

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10 Shortcuts to Make Your Move Easier

Near or far, there’s no short of challenges when it comes to moving. Between organizing an entire household, changing addresses…

January 15,2016 Angelo Carducci

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