Who is Angelo?

Angelo Carducci is a Dallas/Fort Worth REALTOR® who brings you more than market knowledge, extensive marketing exposure for your home, negotiating skills, and diligent follow-through.

He’s a REALTOR® who believes that when you list your home you deserve personal service. You deserve an agent who will explain the forms you sign, answer your questions, and give you advice when needed. He believes that when you call or email your agent, you should get a response as quickly as possible – and it should be your agent who responds, not an assistant or a secretary.

Angelo believes you deserve “boutique” service – as opposed to the “assembly line” service so many agents and agencies are providing today.

Angelo is an agent who cares about his clients and will do all in his power to get their homes sold quickly. He even works from a virtual office in order to keep his overhead down, choosing instead to invest in your HOME.

Angelo pledges, to each and every one of his clients, that he will

  • Always Be Professional
  • Be Very Reliable
  • Show True Integrity in Everything He Does
  • Be Honest in Every Conversation & All Transactions
  • Practice Diligence

While all these things are important, Angelo’s top value is diligence. To him, it means taking extreme care to make sure everything is done correctly so your home will sell fast.