5 Reasons You Should Move To Lewisville, Texas

5 Reasons You Should Move To Lewisville, Texas

Lewisville, Texas Nature Preserve

Lewisville is an interesting city while being the suburb of busy Dallas it comes with a lot of fun activities for you and your family. In addition to activities, the community is active, lively and there is a really strong dining scene. So let’s jump into 5 reasons you should move to Lewisville, Texas.

1. Really Great Restaurants

Lewisville has a really great dining scene that is more than just fast food joints. There is a wide array of restaurants from authentic pizza places such as Pie 314. There is also a great selection of Mexican restaurants including Taqueria La Esperanza. Additionally being so close to downtown Dallas you’re able to experience an even larger selection of eateries without needing to travel very far from home!

2. Events Galore

Lewisville has a very strong sense of community that is active and lively. Every year we host the Sounds of Lewisville festival. This festival provides free live performances from talented local artists, as well as great food and drinks. It gives you a great sense of the diversity in our community while also highlighting how active we all are! Other events include our Western Days Festival and various Brewfest like festivals also hosted throughout the year.

3. Commuting Without The Headache

Lewisville is interesting in that we embraced public transportation. Whether you’re looking for a bus, or want to take our passenger train located at Hebron Station you can be transported to downtown Dallas without all the headache. Depending on your work’s location you might not even need a car so make sure to check out our train schedule which you can read online!

4. Chains & Local Groceries Are Boundless

Depending on your needs are you can shop at our abundant chains including Walmart, Target, Winco, Costco, Whole Foods, etc. Or if you’re looking for something more local El Rancho Supermarket is really popular and would be worth your visit. Whatever your shopping needs though if our little Lewisville doesn’t have it you can always drive into Dallas and see what there is to offer!

5. Parks Are Beautiful

The weather here is stable and pleasant. When you adapt to the heat you will love our various parks both within the city and that are covered by the national park service. Central Park is a local gem of ours but we also have Lake Park, College Street Park and many more. If you’re more of a nature preserve fan, we have the LLELA Nature Preserve that you can also check out which is draw dropping amazing.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking for a great place to live that is a bit outside of the bustling city of Dallas. Then look no further than Lewisville Texas we aren’t just another lifeless suburb we are a growing community who loves the outdoors with great food!

If you have any questions about Lewisville or if you’re looking for a place to calls yours feel free to contact me, Angelo Carducci at 214-356-8586

Angelo Carducci
Angelo Carducci
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