3 Ways Your Home Interior Could be Affecting You

3 Ways Your Home Interior Could be Affecting You

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Moodiness, fatigue, relaxation, and energy; have you ever wondered what it is that keeps your behavior and emotions in check throughout the day? Well, it may be your environment.

There is a reason why new tech companies create large and open spaces for employees rather than a cramped cubicle. The feeling of openness actually contributes to higher productivity by promoting comfort and lessening the feeling of being overworked.

So, if you find that you have been feeling off lately, take a look at your environment. Here are three ways your home interior could be affecting you.

Wall Color

Have you ever wondered why nice restaurants are painted in shades of red? Well, it’s because red is the color which increases blood pressure and stimulates impulsive eating which invariably leads to patrons cycling through faster.

Wall color is one of the biggest contributors to your overall mood. If you want to feel more relaxed and comfortable try grays, light greens and blues, and subtle whites. To keep you alert you can use bright colors such as pink, orange, and yellow.

A common trend in design is painting your room to fit the mood you are looking to exude. So, while your bedroom might be lighter tones to bring comfort and induce sleep, your kitchen or living room where people gather may be brighter.

That being said, other colors such as brown can lead to depression and a bright red can lead to irritation or anger. Knowing which colors positively affect your mood and which rooms those colors should be can really paint your day.


Ech! Clutter. No one actually likes clutter, but for most people, it is a part of life and often the result of procrastination because it is easier to walk away from the problem than deal with it. But, walking away doesn’t solve the problem, rather it creates a leading reason for frustration and stress in a house.

To create a calming effect on your life, try to declutter your home. Everyone knows the feeling of coming home from vacation to a clean house. It is relaxing and can put a smile on your face. Clearing the clutter is as much about creating simplicity as it is tossing out the garbage and creating a place for everything. Limit the throw pillows, trinkets and expose wall space to not only beautify your room but also put you at ease.

Create Symmetry

People are inevitably attracted to symmetry. For example, if you have two windows in your living room you would likely try to place your couch evenly spaced between them. Your coffee table probably sits in front of and centered to your couch. Your bed will likely be across from the door and centered on the wall. Symmetry is not only attractive to us, but it provides a visually positive affect.

In addition to symmetry in the positioning of furniture, you can also create color symmetry by adding complementary colors or a splash of color to your room. This builds a nice combination of color to the emotion or mood you are trying to create.

The more you understand how your environment affects you, the better you will become at designing with intention and functionality, when either moving to a new home or staging your house to go on the market.

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