3 Main Renovations You Can Make to Sell for House for Top Dollar

3 Main Renovations You Can Make to Sell for House for Top Dollar

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It is generally accepted that making renovations to a home not only increases its value, but causes it to sell faster. While there are renovations that may not necessarily add to your bottom line as far as sales price, there are others which can make a tremendous difference. Below is a list of 5 renovations any home seller should make if they want their home to sell for top dollar:

Redo your Landscape

This is the first place the potential homebuyer will see when they come. In addition to your lawn, here is a list of the items that may need your attention:

  • Water fountains, bubbling vases, ponds, streams
  • Hardscape, flagstone, stamp concrete, pavers
  • Stone patios
  • Lighting, led, halogen
  • Sprinkler Repair and Installations
  • Garden Fountains & place themes
  • Irrigation systems & repair
  • Drainage & grading
  • Dry creeks & gravel paths
  • Seasonal flowers rotations
  • Integrated Pest Control
  • Irrigation
  • Conceptual Design
  • Tree Care

Revamping the House

  1. These include repainting areas around the home where the paint is either peeling or the walls are cracking. It may also involve working with an interior designer to determine whether certain areas of the home may need to be accentuated with new paint. Avoid dark colors. 
  2. Redo the ceilings. This may also include painting something clean and fresh to look at.
  3. Placing caulk or weather-stripping to cover visible cracks around windows and doors.
  4. If you have a basement, make sure there are no leaks or moisture issues. If there are any, contact an expert to fix.

Revamp the Bedrooms

Typically, kitchens and bathrooms are the places to concentrate on if you wish to remodel your home in preparation for a sale. But the bedrooms also present opportunities. Here are a few that can influence potential buyers.

  1. Make sure the lighting is adequate. Replace old bedside lamps and install modern-lighting to help illuminate the space.
  2. Replace old, stained, or dingy carpets in your bedroom. Because most bedrooms are small, the cost is manageable.

Additional tip

Additional renovation can also be done in the backyard. For instance, get rid of any old, dilapidated storage buildings. If you have a shed or barn, ensure it’s in good condition. If not arrange for it to be taken down and the debris removed. Nothing can ruin the moment for a buyer than the sight of an old ramshackle barn or shed in the backyard.

Angelo Carducci
Angelo Carducci
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