At Carducci Realty, we do more than just take pictures and run ads – we invest in every home we sell! That’s right, we put our money where our mouth is, investing money in your home so it will sell quickly, and at the price you want. We use our proven Six Step Home Selling Process to sell your home quickly and at a greater profit to you.

Our Six Step Home Selling Process is a winner! With this process we have a perfect record — every house we have listed for sale has sold! Carducci Realty determines which minor upgrades and prep work need to be done, and then we get them done. This can get you up to 18% more profit from your home, and the home will sell quicker!

Before Angelo Carducci became an agent, he thought real estate agents would invest in his home, and he was shocked that they only invested in pictures and advertising. He invented the Six Step Process to show homeowners that he was willing to have a stake in the sale of their homes. Every home listed with Carducci Realty gets not only advertising and professionally taken photographs, but also professional staging – at no cost to the homeowner. This is a service offered by almost no realtors in the Dallas Fort Worth area!

Angelo Carducci sees the Six Step Process as the best way to build a partnership with his clients. This way, Carducci Realty teams up with you to sell your home.

We believe so strongly in our ability to sell your home quickly that we will invest our own money to sell your home! And our track record proves this method works!

Carducci Realty works hard to sell your house – we market your home internationally, working with over 400,000 agents worldwide. Click here to read more about it.

By the way, we invest in your home BEFORE we list it. Our Quick-Sale Service prepares your home for a fast sale and an easy closing before it’s ever listed.

If you want to partner with Carducci Realty to get your home sold successfully, call Angelo Carducci at 214-356-8586 to set up a no-obligation meeting. We know you’ll be impressed when you find out how we can work together to sell your home.

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Message From Angelo Carducci

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What People have to say


Just wanted to drop you a message and tell you how much I appreciated the way you handled the sale of my house! It could not have been better if I had done it myself. We had a contract within 48 hours for the exact amount I wanted, and we closed in less than 30 days. We could have closed sooner but the third party bank caused a delay beyond either of our control. I highly recommend the way you presented my house, and the recommendations you made for fixing it up prior to selling it.

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- Boyed, Dallas

First, I need to say I am a tough reviewer and a first time home buyer. All of my purchases are researched extensively. I make a lot of purchases based on reviews. I only look for reviews that are five stars. With that being said, Carducci Realty is every bit of five stars. I had an idea of what I wanted. But, what I bought exceeded my expectations. I am in love with my new home. I pinched myself daily because I am still in shock of my purchase. I highly recommend Carducci Realty.

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- Misty, Balch Springs

Carducci Reality assisted me with all aspects of the buying process… from helping me define my wants and needs to finding my dream home… from analyzing the best offer price and negotiating with the sellers (and their realtor!) to the inspection of the property and staying on top of the sellers to complete necessary repairs so the contract could close on time. He always responded quickly to any e-mails or phone calls and was available to meet whenever necessary.

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- Jaan, Frisco

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